Promote Yourself Professionally

Promote Yourself Professionally

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I created Promote Yourself Professionally because women's fear of self-promotion is REAL. And it makes sense, given how we've been socialized and the penalty women face for behaving outside of the gender norm. (Yeah...they still exist.)

And yet, our visibility is key to success in any career and business. The more visibility you have, the faster visibility opportunities come your way. It's full circle! ⭕

Think about it: If no one knows about you, how can they leverage your skills, talent, and zone of competence? Or promote you? Buy from you? Or pay you well?

According to a survey studying the Self-Promotion Gap

"A majority of women (83%) have been inspired by hearing women talk about their successes and accomplishments, but 7 in 10 (69%) women would rather minimize their successes than tell people about them."

Women have been socialized to champion others and not themselves. When women DO share their accomplishments (or accept a compliment), it's seen as  negative and "bragging." 

If you identify with being:

  • the behind the scenes cheerleader
  • the one waiting to be recognized for your effort
  • the one who undersells herself and uses self-deprecating humor when she gets a compliment
  • unmotivated and resentful because your career and income has been stagnant while others advance around you 
  • unsure of what to say when you DO have an audience
  • nervous to negotiate because you can't clearly articulate your value  

- this program is for you.

"The more we make things, the more new norms we create. This is how we help shift the context and change the game."

- Kelly Diels



Promote Yourself Professionally is a 3-month coaching program and you can sign up at anytime. 

What you get:

Virtual training on how to:

  • face your imposter syndrome & the ways to work with your inner critic (because she'll always be there)
  • figure out what you want to say, why and how you want to say it, and to who (aka your WHY for self-promotion)
  • create amplifying content (ways to put your ideas and perspective “out there”)
  • develop a consistent visibility habit (and plan!)
  • show up more powerful in your life and career
  • keep it all going and create accountability for yourself when you’re not feeling your best

Weekly Q&A and Support Sessions held each week on Wednesdays from 12-1pm EST / 9-10am PST. You get access to these for the 3 months you're in the program.

TWO 1:1 coaching strategy sessions with me about anything getting in your way of showing up and presenting your best self.

And... all of this 👇

✔️ A built-for-you Asana template with ideas for visibility and a place you can keep track of opportunities you come up with. Think of this as your self-marketing plan.

✔️ Copy-encouraged templates to get you started with writing amplifying content like articles, posts, social media captions, your professional bio, your own newsletter, and more.

✔️ Tips on how to pitch yourself to present at events, groups, and podcasts. 

✔️ Access to my micro-course - Your Profitable LinkedIn - to show you how to craft a LinkedIn profile you'll feel proud of; one that will get the attention you're looking for.


Imagine no longer getting that voice-stealing lump in your throat when you go to share a win, ask for a raise, and find yourself in the spotlight. Check out the FAQs. 👉👉

That feeling awaits!! 

Cheering you on,

Lindsey Lathrop

CEO & Coach, Lindsey Lathrop Coaching

Still not sure if Promote Yourself Professionally is for you? Book a time to talk. 👇

11 Modules

Start here

This module is dedicated to helping you get the very most out of these 3 months we have together, even when your inner critic is telling you to binge Netflix or prioritize something else that feels critical in the moment. 

Your Anxious Brain

A Simple Breathing Technique for Anxiety

⚡Your Self-Marketing Plan Asana Template [You'll want to use this!]

This self-marketing Asana template gives you a clear path with each step you need to take to figure out your personal brand, identify and track opportunities for visibility from someone who has been there, done that.

Month 2: Your Contributions Matter.

This is all the content for month #2 to highlight alllllll the opportunities you have for visibility. You'll also learn what "career amplifying content" is and how to create and share your own - in a way that feels authentic to you. 

Examples + Templates for Self-Promotion

Copy-encouraged examples and templates to get you started with writing amplifying content like articles, posts, social media captions, your professional bio, your own newsletter, and more.

Month 3: Your Visibility Creates Possibility.

This is all the content for month #3 which is dedicated to the power you carry within you. This power is not to be feared. It's to be leveraged for your greater purpose and impact you want to make in your career and beyond. We'll sort through the feelings that will inevitably come up when you're more visible and how to take what you've learned in this program to build a habit of visibility. 

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