#IamRemarkable 7 Day Self-Promotion Challenge

#IamRemarkable 7 Day Self-Promotion Challenge

Know your worth. Show your worth! 

Join the free #IAMREMARKABLE Challenge! This 7-day challenge is designed to get you more comfortable flexing your self-promotion muscles. 💪💪 Each day you will get access to the day's quick audio lesson and reflection worksheet. 

We’ll be covering:

Day 1: Learning to say “I am Remarkable” may be one of the hardest challenges of your life. If you experience throat-tightening (or eye rolling) just thinking about muttering them, you’re in the right place. This discomfort with self-promotion is holding you back. Let’s explore why this is so hard and what you can do to lessen the fear.

Day 2: How you’re using self-deprecating humor to protect yourself. While having a laugh at yourself can be a really great tool in the moment, doing it over and over again can lead to eroded self-confidence – and losing confidence with others (like clients, co-workers, and your supervisor). Struggle no more, we’ll cover how you can kick this defense mechanism and accepting those compliments!

Day 3: The spotlight effect and why it’s getting in your way. In the back of our minds, we all secretly think that if we work hard enough, we’ll get noticed, because everyone is thinking about us all the time, right? Sarcasm aside, we have to give people a reason to think of us. Avoid one of the fatal mistakes that women everywhere make – waiting for your time in the spotlight.

Day 4: Self-promotion is a life-changing skill, and we’re going to show you ways to do it without feeling braggadocious, self-promotey, salesy, and annoying. We’ll outline how to be your best inner and outer PR person and manage your perception.

Day 5: Three baby steps to visibility that won’t have you running away. We want you to experience what it can feel like to share an idea, a curiosity about a subject, or dare we say it… a success! This can be your path out of “but no one will care” and to “wow, people are cheering me on!”

Day 6: Enrolling support and the role of amplification buddies. We’ll talk about the vital role these people play, how to enlist them and how you can return the favor.

Day 7: The art of the follow-through – wanna know the difference between people who get noticed and those that don’t? They have a strategy for how they’re going to do it. They know who they want to get in front of and what they want to use that time for. We’ll help you design a realistic, repeatable system that will get people paying attention to what you have to say.

7 Modules

Day 1: Learning to Say “I’m Remarkable!"

Day 2: How you're using self-deprecating humor to protect yourself.

Day 3: The spotlight effect and why it's getting in your way.

Day 4: Self-promotion is a life-changing skill.

Day 5: Three Baby Steps to Visibility.

Day 6: Enrolling support and the role of amplification buddies.

Day 7: The Art of the Follow-Through.

Modules for this offering 7
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